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Today's Work Story in China ⁉

Today's Work Story in China ⁉

Boss: Saw your WeChat. I'm shocked. Why do you want to quit?

He: Work hours here is crazy - the 996 culture: 9am to 9pm, 6 days a week

Boss: That's not true. Didn't I allow you to log off at 3 pm yesterday?

He: Yes, because it was Sunday

Boss: ...

He: ...

Boss: Don't resign, Sunday don't count!

He: Not only that, you have a timer at the Toilet.

Boss: Oh... Just testing our new App & understand the utilization.

He: No, I want to resign now!

Boss: Wait. If you have any feedback, you can share it.

He: No boss, I want the final payment only!

Boss: Come on, feel free...

He: You are not open to feedback & ...

Boss: What? Rubbish? How can you say that when I'm the one ask for your feedback?

See this is your problem - you're not open to new tech... You only want money... you're not a good listener...

You are not a good employee who can stick with the culture, and...

I've told you to work on Sunday or Typhoon because those are the quiet days you can focus on your work!

He: 😤 I resign & when can I get my final payment, Boss?

Boss: Talk to HR! We will issue a warning letter to you & deduct your salary! 🤣

~ The End of Story ~

Thoughts? 👇

If you need help with your job search, send me a DM & I'll send you my ATS-Free CV Template!


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