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Companies are using Video Interview because of #Coronavirus

Today's LinkedIn Live with Trisha Chapman ✍

Companies are using Video Interview because of #Coronavirus

Learn what you need to do for Digital Interview.

Date: April 1st, 2020 (Wednesday)

Time: 10:30pm (HK Time; UTC +8)

You will know the viewpoint of an experienced CV and Career coach

- What you need to prepare, what are the fundamentals

- What you can do to research the company

- Understand the hiring process and how to follow-up

- What questions to ask

- Would the Interview be affected by the current economic situation?

Guest: Trisha is Professional CV writer, Founder & Managing Partner -

And she has more than 33K followers on LinkedIn

Host: Keith is Your Recruitment Adviser, Co-founder of nextRoles

And he has around 32K followers on LinkedIn

I hope you enjoy the LIVE and learn something new! Stay safe and healthy during #Covid19

#humanresources #management #careers

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