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Today, one of my posts has 729 re-share already! (Almost 900 now)

Today, one of my posts has 729 re-share already!

Is it always the KEY to provide values and help other people.

I am trying to collaborate more with other influencers and work with my #LinkedIn network.

Upcoming, I will have LinkedIn Live and FREE Live Webinar with:

JAMES FOK🔅Career Coach tomorrow (Feb 21) at 11:00pm (UTC +8)

Topic: How to Overcome Fear During Interview

James Lee on next Tue (Feb 25) at 8:00pm (UTC +8)

Topic: What are the Creative Ways to Change Jobs in 2020

I want to contribute more to the community! Let me know if you want to enroll.

May I know who would like to be a Guest with me and have LinkedIn Live together??

From my experience & noticed in the comments of my post. People will also network with other people, to meet new friends!

I’m glad that you take this initiative to gain more connections.

LinkedIn is so amazing that I meet many new friends from all over the world.

It is also good for you to build your personal brand in parallel with your resume.

Here are simple steps:

1. Put a like and comment on this post.

2. Follow anyone who also puts a like or comment.

I promise you, doors will open you had no idea existed.

You can also send a direct message to me if you need any Career-related support. #humanresources #management #socialmedia


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