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Today I feel sad and this is shock news for me!

Today I feel sad and this is shock news for me!

One of my mentors passed away suddenly..

I know him personally 15 years ago when I was working with my early careers – Professional marketing with Dental Surgeons within Asia.

Even I changed my job and career, I am still able to keep constantly meeting with him on various occasions.

He is one of the famous dentists in HK.. He contributes a lot to my alma mater..

And every time you saw him, he wears a full suit, smiles and will give you a very very firm handshake!

He taught me how to build a relationship with people..

He taught me how to position as a professional..

He demonstrated how to work hard as he appears in every event that he can..

That’s Dr. Frank S.K. Law, I hope you rest in peace.

Every time I received such news.. I will feel terribly bad for the whole day..

Last time I noticed from WhatsApp that my previous boss passed away, I will also think about the time how you interact with him/her, and what is the lesson learned.

So have you guys experienced something before? How many Mentors you have in your life? How do they change your life?

Comment below! #RIP #Shock


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