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To those NOT currently seeking jobs:

To those NOT currently seeking jobs:

When recruiters reach out to you with opportunities...

What you should do?? 👇

1) If you are interested, help and cooperate with your recruiter... but...

2) If you are not interested, because you're happy with where you're at

Then please take the extra few mins to Refer to your friends or network!

Someone that you know or don't know could be a fit that is job seeking!!

This creates a WIN/WIN situation - and put a little good karma in your bank now!

So that it can come back around to you the next time you're being a job seeker!

Help each other out... have you ever done this before?

Who is with me? 👇

If you need help to prepare for your Resume... what I can offer:

- ATS-Free CV Template

- FREE Resume Cheat Sheet

- FREE 100 mins. Career Masterclass

- FREE Interview Tips & Guidebook, and

- Scan and Audit your LinkedIn Profile

Interested to learn more and receive the link, then please:

- Follow Keith LAU - Your Recruitment Adviser for more Career Advice in the future

- Leave a Comment: "SUPPORT" and I know how to connect with you!

- Like and Share this post to inspire your friends or network!!

You are amazing! Can't wait to help you!

Or welcome you to visit nextRoles page!


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