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To Discover the Hidden Job Market!

To Discover the Hidden Job Market!

If you follow my 30 Days Free Program to help you find your ideal #nextRoles.

Today is Day 5.

My Live on Facebook and YouTube will tell you how to find out the "hidden" job market.

Go to Watch my Video & you'll know the importance of:

- Come up with a list of potential company that you want to work for

- Come up with a list potential (not your ideal) job title that suits for you

- Come up with a list of people that you think will help or benefit you for job search

Why it is important?

Because you don't want to trial and error & applied for 100 jobs?

And yet still did not hear any response...

So you should focus on your hard work to prepare for Interview but not click "Apply" button x 100 times!

Do you agree People is more important than your CV?

A referral is the best way to get hired.

Therefore, you need to target your industry, area of focus, & specific jobs!

Imagine you are the HR, what do you think if someone applied for all jobs you are advertised?

Last chance to download my Career Change Checklist, please do:

- Follow Me for more career advice

- Like this post, Comment: Checklist

- If you have friends who need jobs, Share this post to them.

I'll send the link to you afterward.

Keith Lau #business #jobseekers #careers

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