To All Recruiters... After the Interview, if you want to Reject Someone:

To All Recruiters... After the Interview, if you want to Reject Someone:

- Give them the Respect of calling them to share the feedback or answer their call before the Cold, Automatic rejection email. This just spend 1 minute of your time.

- Give them constructive advice if you can that will help them do better in their next interview opportunity.

- Give them hope and try to connect them with someone else in your network who may be able to help.

You never know whom that person will become. You can save a life!

You never know if they'll be able to Help You one day... True?

You may be losing your job and fall on these tough times too.

Before you were hired, you were job seekers as well.

Please understand their pain and offer help!!

How you treat people who can do nothing for you is your character.

But try to care for others and offer some help to people in need.

Do for candidates what you would want them to do for you!

If you build a relationship with the person that you reject... they maybe help you in the future!

Who agrees?

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