🔊 TIPS: If you message someone to ask for a referral or job opportunities today…

🔊 TIPS: If you message someone to ask for a referral or job opportunities today…

Please avoid starting off like... "I need a job" or "Here is my CV", or “Please refer me!”

✅ Start with something you can engage with them first!

✅ Provide values and meaningful conversations in the receiver’s perspectives!

Always remember the receiver may not be your friends, they are busy, and they don’t care!

Also, they may not be in the position to read or receive your CV.

If you want them to do a favour for you and help you…

Try to build a relationship first! Add value to people and help each other!

A strong relationship always brings in more possibilities than you think.

How you treat others will be how they treat you. Correct?

Also, don’t expect if you help someone, the person will help you later.

Agree? What are your thoughts? Comment below! 👇👇

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