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TIPS - Discover How You Can Get Hired in 4 Weeks


Discover How You Can Get Hired in 4 Weeks

On average people need 6 to 9 months to find a job, particularly in this tough economic situation.

Normally, the entire hiring process roughly takes 3 weeks, depends on each company's operations.

Here are some tricks for you to get hired FAST:

- Only applied those jobs that you are "suitable"

- Tailor-made your Resume to ensure you PASS the 7 seconds to 1 minute of HR review

- Ensure your Resume keywords to Bypass the ATS

- Remember to attach your disruptive Cover Letter when applying

- Keep it simple and send email to follow-up

- First impressions are everything, practice & prepare for your Interview skills

- Don't fake, don't oversell & don't talk too much

- Related everything to your previous work achievements

- Build a long-term relationship with people that can help you to find a job

- Ensure your references to back-up your application

- Be confident and get used to rejections!

- Finally, apply for jobs consistently & professionally.

If you need more help, I have a FREE Masterclass for you, interested please do:

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