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This is Why Only 1 Percent of People Will Post something on LinkedIn

This is Why Only 1 Percent of People Will Post something on #LinkedIn


- It is really hard to have social media engagement & attract people to come to you.

- Even you have FREE Webinar, perhaps no one will register.

- Even you want to share something, however, no one read your post.

- Even you posted daily, but you don't achieve the result, and don't know what to say?

Have you encounter all those problems??

At LinkedIn, over 280 billion feed updates viewed annually.

Over 660 Million users spread over 200 countries, but only 1% write posts regularly.

How to get more Likes. Comments, and Shares?

How to boost the post views? How to work with other influencers?

Should I post with just text, Image, or Video? Even Poll?

Should I tag people in my post? And what Hashtag should I Use??

Wanna know any people can help me and share with me what to do??

Maybe you can register to join our Sharing for FREE on Monday at 10pm with James Lee MBA (Melbourne)

Do you want to share your voice? Do you want to learn how to write social media posts?

If you want to learn more, please do:

- Like this post

- Comment: Join

- Follow Keith Lau - Your Recruitment Adviser

We will contact you and provide the Link for you to enroll.





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