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The Ultimate Advice for Every 40 Year Old

The Ultimate Advice for Every 40 Year Old

Recently I received a few messages & they told me they are now 40 so can't find a job!

It's hard for them to change their careers too.

I am 40 as well. Do you believe it??

But I don't think/believe we can't find a job!

Learn from Jack Ma, do what you are good at if you have reached 40 years old.

The economy is not good, the employment market is not good, people suffer from virus...

That's the fact & we can't change! Everyone know.. BUT!! We do have HOPE!

We can change our attitude & mindset. And you have to learn the tools & skills.

You have to invest in yourself & learn how to WIN the Career Game!

Yes, 40 years old, you still can get back to work & even in this Crisis.

We have a team of 4 world-class Recruitment experts from Asia who worked together to help you!

Date & Time: May 21st 2020 (Thursday) at 9:30pm

Your investment: USD12.9 for early bird

Registration: Visit nextRoles page, and then click the "Sign Up" button.

If you are action takers, I can send you a discount coupon code. What do you think?

Send me a Direct message & Follow Me for more career advice.

I can't wait to empower you & help you to secure your dream job with our Winning Formula!

See you LIVE!


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