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The Truth about Recruitment and HR

The Truth about Recruitment

It's Day 11 - If you follow my 30 days program. How are you?

Have you applied a lot of jobs and schedule any Interview yet?

You need to take actions and we will talk about Interviews next week!

The interview is the most critical part in the hiring process, what do you think?

Hey, here is the question for you to think about or if you are a hiring manager...

How many candidates you will need to meet before you made up your mind to hire 1 person?

So how many CVs do you need to select/shortlist before you decided to go for an Interview?

And guess what, how many CVs or applicants you need to have enough choice for you?

So today, I want to tell you: Recruitment is a Numbers Game!

You may say there is NO winning formula, because sometimes is by LUCK!

And it depends on Chemistry with your hiring manager. Agree?

I will tell you more about Interview preparation, how to craft your Interview answers tomorrow.

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Talk to you soon!

Keith Lau - Your Recruitment Adviser #nextRoles

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