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The Surprising Secrets to ATS Job Application

The Surprising Secrets to ATS Job Application

During my 10 years in-house HR & Recruitment agencies experience.

I had the experience to use Workday, Taleo, Brassring, Bullhorn, BondAdapt, etc.

Some companies may also use their in-house developed ATS as well.

The reason why to use ATS is to take care of and automate the recruitment process.

ATS can help to collect & track application, search resumes & parse resume.

But people are reluctant to apply & think it is the first obstacle to get a job interview.

Because nowadays, most large corporation utilizes ATS as well as to filter resumes.

Surprising secrets that people may not know is after you upload your original CV file.

There is an ATS parsing algorithm to process your file & the system will store only Plain Text.

This causes big problems for job seekers & Recruiters as well as your data got distorted.

And it won’t work for CV formatting contains table, graphics, pictures, logos or emoji..

So carefully tailor your resume to the job description & optimize keywords for ATS.

If you want to know more about how to tackle or Bypass the ATS.

Last Call! Join us tomorrow, Feb 25 at 8pm (HK Time) for my FREE Live Zoom Call.

Please Like + Comment “Tricks”, I'll send you the Enrollment details.


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