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The Surprising Habits of Successful People

The Surprising Habits of Successful People

They always have Plan B! Especially in their business!

Do you know why? Do you want to know??

Same as your career, have you thought of a Backup plan?

Companies are planning for their retrenchment soon!

Here are 5 simple steps for you to think about your contingency plan:

- Understanding current conditions

- Identifying the key risks

- Analyzing the impact

- Developing response strategies

- Share and revisit your plan

The market is not good, the economy is bad, so what you should do next?

What if you lost your jobs? What will you do? What's the impact on you?

Do you have a family to provide? How long you can survive without an income?

Do you know how hard to find a job? Or are you going to start up your own business?

What you can do now? At least equip your career skills, and join our 60 mins Free Webinar!!

If you want to Win the Career Game, always be prepared.

Strive for a better career development path and know your job worth it!

Interested to learn more from 4 Asia Recruitment Experts on this Friday?

LIVE on Jun 26 (Fri) at 9:30pm Hong Kong Time (UTC +8)

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