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The Single Biggest Reason Why Your Post Don't Go Viral

The Single Biggest Reason Why Your Post Don't Go Viral

5 things I learned from my LinkedIn post that Went Viral with 3.66M+ views 👇

1) Create the content on topics that are meaningful and thought-provoking to your audience, and convey them in a way that inspires an emotional reaction.

2) Drives engagement, calls for action with more likes, comments, and re-shares, so people are willing to take action, etc.

3) Model from other influencers and also view & analyze the stats on your LinkedIn posts daily or weekly. Use the data gathered to understand, interpret, and improve your content's views.

4) Besides posting regularly, consistently, you should try different types of posting times, hashtags, as well as different post types, e.g. pure text, image, video, poll, etc. And don't forget to mix it, to attract more people.

5) If you are aiming to network, build your personal brand, or attract attention from clients or leaders who are hiring; share content that highlights your areas of expertise and topics that are authentically important to you.

If you want to grow your LinkedIn, generate leads and sales, and find a better job...

I'd like to provide assistance and my 2 hours of LinkedIn Training to teach you more!

Please like and share this post, and also comment: "LINKEDIN"!~



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