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The #jobseekers Guide to Find Your Ideal #nextRoles in A Month!

The #jobseekers Guide to Find Your Ideal #nextRoles in A Month!

If you have No job and want to Land your dream job FAST...

I do have a "BOOK" which can help you, here is the Review and Summary for you:

What's inside the book and the author shares?

- How to Change Your Career (Page 9)

- How to Optimize Your LinkedIn (Page 23)

- 8 things to build a stronger LinkedIn Profile (Page 40)

- 10 Tips on Successful Job Search (Page 42)

- 10 Useful tactics to an Effective CV (Page 63)

- 5 Winning Steps to Get A Job in Interview (Page 91)

- Hints for you to consider for the Offer (Page 106)

- Practical Steps of the Hiring Process that you need to know (Page 109)

- Onboarding and things that you need to know (Page 126)

- Further Career Resources and Conclusion (Page 141)

If you want to know more and the actual contents, please you can do the following:

- Like this post

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- Write a Comment: BOOK

- Follow Keith Lau - Your Recruitment Adviser for more career advice

- Send me a Direct Message so that I can send you the link to download the FREE book

Welcome you to ask me anything related to your career and development path.

I want to help you, add value to your job search, and empower you!!


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