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The Job Market will NOT be back to Normal...

The Job Market will NOT be back to Normal...

How to be Recession-Proof during COVID-19?

Everyone is waiting for the COVID-19 to be gone and hoping everything will be back to normal.

Recently, WHO warned the entire world that COVID-19 may become endemic and might never go away like HIV.

If that might be the case, have you prepared a strategy for your career?

Are you still using the same old method, thinking, and approach for Job search?

If that is the case... What Can We Do? Just working from home in the future??

I am going to hold a LIVE Event for FREE!!

With My Advanced Masterclass Series for My Paid "365 Days Inner Circle" Exclusive Members!

On coming - May 29th, 2020 (Friday) at 10:30 pm (Hong Kong Time / UTC +8).

Do you want to join us or be part of us?

You have the chance to do it now...

Take action today and please do:

- Like & share this post so more people benefit from it

- Comment: Masterclass

- Register nextRoles, click the "Sign Up" button

- Follow Keith Lau - Your Recruitment Adviser for More Career Advice

Can't wait to empower you, help, and add value to you!

I hope to see you: "INSIDE" as well!

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