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The Formation of Your Salary Offer and Wages 101

The Formation of Your Salary Offer and Wages

Every one expected higher pay, but do you know why the Company pays a salary to you?

How much money your company provided, and you will be happy??

The salary received from your company is actually the Compensation for you to work for a whole month.

Some companies will be paying the market average to Attract, Motivate, and Retain you!

So other than non-monetary benefits, how to decide the suitable salary offer??

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So, companies may consider these 5 factors:

1 - The Job Worth

2 - The Individual (potential candidates)

3 - Market Data / Survey

4 - Internal Relativity

5 - Company Pay Philosophy (and of course your salary expectation)

Therefore, the secrets for how you fight for a better salary, will depend on the above factors!

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