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The Fastest Way to Get Rid of Unemployment

The Fastest Way to Get Rid of Unemployment

Maybe you got laid off, whatever the circumstances, take some simple steps:

1) Ask yourself what are your career goals? Take care of your finances!

2) Before you apply to a job, think of a list of 10-20 potential companies

3) Research for 5-10 ideal job title & have a list of 30-50 people that could help you!

4) Approach them, ask for referrals & meet with your recruitment agencies.

5) Not only your network, but think of any creative ways to search for a job!

6) Apply for jobs, set up job-search alert, have a Great LinkedIn Profile as well.

7) Tailor-made your cover letter to explain the reasons & have your perfect CV!

8) Track your job application, follow-up with people that could help you!

9) Prepare & Practice your Interview, craft your stories, and answer to common questions.

10) Change your mindset, download resources tools, learn some new things & hire a coach!

If you want your Recruitment Adviser & other experts to help.

YES! We formed as a team of 4 Asia coaches to provide you with 1 WINNING Formula.

So that you can secure more interviews & your dream job in 21 days!

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