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The Fastest Way to Destroying Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn!

The Fastest Way to Destroying Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn!

You Sometimes Without Even Knowing It... 👇👇

1) #opentowork - Looking for Job Opportunities

Because... you did not add any value for your Headline or Job Title

And everyone else is doing this, what's your difference?

2) Massively SEND out your CV directly to ANYONE...

CV is your private, confidential document...

No one wants to read it (if they are NOT HR or Hiring Managers!)

Sometimes I saw people uploaded their CV or Certificate as well...

3) Regularly POST useless content of Self-Promotion

Too much self-promotion, just another bland voice lost in the social media feed!

4) Poor Social Media Habits

You didn't engage with other people on this platform

5) Did NOT Include a Proper Profile Picture (or a bad photo)

Basic Rule: Capitalizing Proper Nouns - that is your NAME, please!!

In addition, Say Hello, not just "Sir..."

If you are committed to learning... want to build a better personal brand...

You may need to watch my 2 hours of LinkedIn Training for Branding & Monetization.

I can also quickly scan and audit your LinkedIn Profile & provide at least 5 recommendations!


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