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The Advice Your Recruitment Consultants Won't Give You!

The Advice Your Recruitment Consultants Won't Give You!

Normally Agency Recruiter will give you some sort of career advice.

They do help you to find a job & teach you how to Interview.

They can help you to revise your CV and define your career path.

They can help you to save time on job search and access to a hidden market.

But Recruitment Consultants preliminary helping clients to find suitable talents.

They might advise you to quit your job, change your job, and negotiate a better salary for you.

Access to a recruitment agency is free of charge and you will enjoy professional services.

As I have an agency background, I know they will NOT give you this piece of advice:

Don't Work for Others Anymore! You should start-up your own business!!

Or you should find part-time or freelance opportunities to earn more money.

Some people don't want to work for someone else & wants to strive for their dreams.

Have you listened to any advice like that? Particularly you can do it due to coronavirus!

I have Masterclass to teach you How to Utilize LinkedIn to Make Money Online.

If you would like to know how?

1. Type: Money

2. Like & Share this

3. Follow Me & Send me a DM

It's time to be creative and has multiple streams of income! Agree?


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