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The 8 Biggest Lies of LinkedIn

The 8 Biggest Lies of LinkedIn

A study found out 1 in 10 of the profiles on LinkedIn are complete fibs. 👇

1) No Photo (or using an old photo)

2) Using glamour shot (by photoshop)

3) Saying you are open to work (but definitely not)

4) Bluff on your Education (e.g. not yet graduated)

5) Flowery headline and upgrade your own job title

6) Fudging your skill-set

7) Saying you've worked with someone you haven't

8) Asking for help - e.g. Endorsement of your skills, etc...

Are you wondering why some profiles are incomplete?

I think particularly for those less than 50 connections, most of them are fake.

Also, have you received any Direct Messages asking you to do something fun?

Have you been ghosted by Recruiters too??

What do you think?

Comment below for your experience! 👇

If you are looking for your nextRoles or growing your LinkedIn...

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I can't wait to empower and help more people~



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