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Tell Me About Yourself!

Tell Me About Yourself!

This is most likely the First Question from your Interviewer.

You don’t need to memorize it but have to answer it well to leave a good impression.

In my past experience, I noticed people did not prepare well and were nervous.

So here is my suggestion. You can use this 3-step approach, very easy:


1. Who are you?

2. Why we should consider your application?

3. What makes you so special and different from other candidates?

Let me try to do this and introduce myself.

I would also use Abbreviations or Acronym so that people can remember me.

R – M – B

I’m your Recruitment Adviser

I have Many proven successful track record, and

I have Both in-house HR and recruitment agency background.

I hope you like this and help you to prepare for your next Interview!

Besides, I have prepared the Interview Tips for you for FREE.

Let me know if you want to download it? Please do the following:

a) Follow Me! Or send me a personalized invite to connect with me.

b) Please write “TIPS” in the comment below so that I know you need the PDF.

c) Share this post, help your friends and more people know, so that they can benefit from it.

I will send you the details afterward. Cheers!

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