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"Survival" in Corporate life: 👇

"Survival" in Corporate life: 👇

✔️Never overtime in the office.

✔️Don't take a job that may cause you stress.

✔️You are just a replaceable entity, always find your Plan B!

(Never think they need you for life, you will be surprised...

replaced as soon as you never imagine once you no more usable for your organization)

✔️Your mental health, family, personal life is way more important than your job!

More than your fancy "Designation" or your "Office Room/View" or your "Big Team".

This is given to you to convert you into a corporate slave Only ⁉

What should you do today? 💡

👉 Take a Break!

👉 Maintain Work-Life Balance.

👉 Be Happy

👉 Learn how to say NO

👉 Have self-esteem.

👉 Don't be taken for granted.

Do you Agree?

Find another job if you want even during this Pandemic!

If you need help with your job search, what I can do:

- Provide an ATS-Free CV Template for you

- Provide my FREE Interview Tips & Guide

- Provide my FREE 100 mins. Masterclass

Interested, please do:

- Like or share this post to motivate other #jobseekers

- Leave a Comment: #Resume

(so that I know how to send you the link and details)

- Follow Keith LAU - Your Recruitment Adviser (for more Career Advice in the future)

#linkedIn #recruitment #humanresources #nextRoles

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