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STOP Sending Direct Messages, START Posting!!

STOP Sending Direct Messages, START Posting!!

You need to CHANGE your mentality on LinkedIn, Why? 👇

Sending DM is one to one, and only possible if he/she connected with you.

You may also send DM to people who Allow Open Profile messages.

But you will need to use a lot of time (if it is human effort).

Or pay for some LinkedIn Automation tools (which is NOT suggested)!

Think about this... Posting your own contents have more views than 1:1 DMs

Even your first time you don't know how to post, you may still get at least 500 views?

If you practice, post it consistently & persistently... your post will have at least 5000 views?

Not to mention... like adding connection have limits around 100 every day.

So... After that? You will notice people start DMs you to request for info...

Rather than... you have to go out or reach them or hard sell your products anymore!

Posting your content is a long-term game and easily achieve your goals~

If you want to learn how to post, what to post, and grow your LinkedIn followers...

I do have 2 hours of LinkedIn Training for Branding and Monetization to teach you!

Interested to know more and receive the details, please do:

- Follow Keith LAU - Your LinkedIn Adviser

- Comment "LINKEDIN" below

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