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Stop Sending CVs, Start Networking and Referral.

Stop Sending CVs, Start Networking and Referral.

In Chinese, we have this phrase: “Better to have friends connection than to read”

Yesterday I met with Kai Tsang, whom I might have spoken before but we never meet.

Interestingly, he was also ex-colleagues at Colgate, cover the same period that I do.

I think we also have common friends on Facebook and liked some posts as well.

So it’s funny we finally have a chance to meet because I posted some good LinkedIn engagement content.

It’s always good to meet someone face to face, to share the latest market information & status of ex-colleagues.

So please stop sending CVs, go to meet people directly and you will gain insider information & hidden opportunities.

I also have the chance to consult with him, because he has expert knowledge in e-business & online platform.

He used to set up, launch and oversee operations for well-known products which have dedication in creating a digital experience to enrich millions of users’ daily life.

And he is a startup investor & advisor too, so he knows how to run a business, provide knowledge and support for the entrepreneur.

Thank you so much for your valuable advice and it's so nice to meet with you!

Keith Lau - Your Recruitment Adviser


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