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Stop Searching for Career Advice, Start Taking Action!

Stop Searching for Career Advice, Start Taking Action!

Everyone wants to be happy & feel empowered in their careers.

And you want to figure out your contribution & sense of meaning.

Coronavirus Impacts our work & life, and shrinking employment.

Recently I had a quick chat with my friend & he feels depressed.

His boss was terminated & therefore he has to manage the team.

He was asked to sign a new contract & the notice period changed to 7 days.

He is not happy because he has a higher target to meet, which seems impossible.

He doesn't know what to do & due to the economic situation, he can't find another job.

His company is also suffered, the business drop & thus higher pressure to him.

He needs a better job where he can contribute what he has learned for so many years.

But seems cannot find the way out, many companies are cutting their budgets.

If you felt sick, miserable, stuck & worry about your current job.

Just you need to Take Massive Actions to find your ideal Next Roles!

If you are unemployed for a while & actively looking for jobs.

What you need is another job which helps you to pay the bills.

Career Advice or Coaching is great but this is not your first priority.

But it seems the right thing for those who are looking for advancing careers & breakthroughs.

Keith Lau #nextRoles


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