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Stop Caring About Coronavirus!

Stop Caring About Coronavirus!

Dedicated focus on your work and helping people.

Every day I read posts at LinkedIn with COVID-19 as keywords.

Every time I read this, I feel the fear, scared when I woke up!

I feel that I might lose my jobs, I feel that I might be infected.

I think lots of people, businesses suffering from the bad economy.

I think my company may terminate me and I don’t know the future!

I don’t know how to find customers and it seems everyone cut budgets.

I lose faith, I lose confidence, I get lost and don’t know the way out.

Government also impose lots of regulation and I can’t travel as well.

What do I need to do? How to perform when I work from home?

Just work hard so I can secure my jobs and achieve my business goals?

If I am unemployed now, how can I find other jobs to pay the bills?

I would advise you to be prepared, at least for your CV? Agree?

I have a FREE CV template (ATS-Free) for you. Please do the following:

- Like this Post

- Share this Post for people in need

- Comment “CV” below

- Follow Me for more career advice

- Notify me & Send me a DM (it’s free to do so)

I will reply to you for the link to download it for FREE.

Keith Lau - Your Recruitment Adviser


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