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Stay home watch TV can save the world?

Stay home watch TV can save the world?

That's means you have a lot of time to think about your future!

It's good that you can think about your career and life planning too.

You should also set goals and we will bounce back from #Coronavirus soon!

Tom Hanks reminds us that #COVID19 shall pass and he is feeling better.

My dear world: be safe, be kind, be strong. This too shall pass.

Life must go on! So that's why we need to plan for our near future.

Next week, LinkedIn LIVE, I have invited a Training & Business Consultant.

Apr 7 (Tue) at 10:00pm (HKT) James Broadbent will tell you the importance of Goal Settings.

What are the benefits and why this is the time for you to do so now?

We are all facing a period of uncertainty over the coming months.

You need to develop sensible short, medium and long term goals for yourself.

You can request for a goal setting worksheet at James's website.

And also you can book 30mins exploration session with James too.

I like his idea and this is what I did when I get started in Dec 2019.

James can also teach you to sleep well by understanding your circadian rhythm!

Please Follow Me for the LinkedIn Live and Connect with James for more info!


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