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Social Distance = Virtual Connection

Social Distance = Virtual Connection

Instead what COVID-19 really means to me:

C = Caring

It's time to care for others, love & help each other in your community

O = Opportunity

Recruiters, Companies, it's time to provide more opportunity for job seekers

V = Values

Try to provide values to people & not to spread negative, false or hate speech

I = Inspiring

True leaders & influencers will inspire their followers, treat your network well

D = Development

Focus on your personal growth, learn new things & upgrade your skills!

I'll FREE my most selling & best-rated masterclass to you! Yes!

There is no catch & I'm gonna conduct LIVE event for 2 hours for Free.

March 26th, 2020 (Thursday) at 10:30pm at night (HK time; UTC+8)

My topic will Reveal 3 HR and Recruiters Secrets that will Never tell you!

So that I can utilize my knowledge, expertise to help people to get jobs during tough times!

If you want to help more people please spread out this message by following the steps:

- Like this Post

- Share this Post (write something before share!)

- Comment: "FREE" below

- Send me a Direct Message (it's Free for you to do so!)

I urge your help with this generous act & so we can reach more people to help their careers!


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