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Recruiter arranged for me to have an Interview with the CEO today. 😁

Recruiter arranged for me to have an Interview with the CEO today. 😁

This is the final Interview and I have already passed 2 previous rounds!!

At first, the Interview panel arranged yesterday but rescheduled to Today.

At 11 am, when I opened my Zoom, it's only me and I'm waiting for 12 mins...

I then text the Recruiter whether the CEO will attend the Zoom Interview or not.

Recruiter connected me with the PA of the CEO and replied after 10 mins.

She said the CEO has another work to do and didn't make it, Sorry.

She asks me to reschedule at 4:30 pm, the CEO diary is marked.

Guess what?? At 4:44 pm I'm still waiting for the CEO to join the Zoom Interview!!

I texted the PA and Recruiter again to check whether the CEO status.

However, PA replied to me again and said Sorry, the CEO has a family matter and left the office.

PA then asked me to contact the Recruiter to reschedule again...

She forwarded a WhatsApp message from the CEO, said: "Changed to Monday lah, busy!"

Then I replied to her, Thank You! Appreciated your opportunity...

BUT, I am not interested to meet with the CEO and your company anymore. Sorry~

Hope you will find a suitable candidate for this role.

Because I think the most important thing is to respect each other...

CEO time is valuable. BUT, my time and dignity are also important!!

Later on, I found another better opportunity!!

Hey HR and #recruiters, do you know... when the Interview is scheduled, it's a commitment.

Both parties will spend their time and effort to understand each other, we are equal.

A great attitude has to be shown by a great leader who respects people!!

An interview is the most important process during #recruitment...

Who is with me?

Keith LAU - Your Recruitment Adviser

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