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Recently I know this thing… Not everyone dislikes their job!

Recently I know this thing…

Not everyone dislikes their job!

There are some who are happy and can't wait for the next workday to begin.


They are the ones serving their notice period...

Do you know?

The difference between a good & a bad employee?

It’s affected by the mood of your Boss... and,

Your boss always has more job satisfaction…

Job Satisfaction = When your Boss is satisfied with the job you do!

And also…

You and your Boss will always have a 'Give & Take' relationship!

Where you will give and your Boss will take.

Besides, in the corporate world...

Your boss will do this: Give you a better job title!

BUT… Promotion without a pay hike, it's only your scope is bigger...

Also, if your immediate boss left the company and you have another new boss...

It seems like you are having a new JOB!

Because your boss knows nothing!

This is the TRUTH. Agree?

Comment below for what you think?? 👇

If you need any personalized careers help, please do:

- Follow Keith LAU - Your Recruitment Adviser for more Career Advice.

- Or Send me a Direct Message to discuss further. Hope this helps!

- Visit nextRoles page and #nextRoles hashtag for more details. Cheers!!

Please Note:

Your Job does not involve Like/ Comment/ Share, even your boss asked you to do so!

#jokes 🤣


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