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Quick Do's and Dont's for Cover Letter When you apply for jobs

Quick Do's and Dont's for Cover Letter When you apply for jobs.

- Don't ever apply for a job without a cover letter (if possible) and this helps you to explain why you want the job.

- Don't use a generic salutation like: Dear Sir/Madam; To Whom It May Concern

- Don't mention: Enclosed please find my resume. Everyone knows you attached the CV as well.

- Don't waste your first paragraph with a boring introduction and Don't Copy and Paste your CV!

- Do always specific and tailor-made a unique Cover Letter that illustrates your stories and connects with the company

- Do read the Job Description and mentioned your previous achievements that will be fit with the role

- Do tell your company why should I hire you and you can meet their job requirement.

- Do use action verbs to describe your experience and Do always be Positive in writing!

Finally, finish with a strong close, with a call to action, ask for the next steps!

Convince them to contact you and arrange Interviews.

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