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"Out of Work" is only temporary!

"Out of Work" is only temporary!

"Open to Work" is the new norm!😢

If you receive a message from #jobseekers asking for a referral or job details.

Please just spent 1 min if you can, provide a helping hand... refer them or at least accept their connections!!

If you can't, just simply say you can't.

An answer is better than no answer.

Everyone can help someone down the line. Agree?

Cause we never know someday we may need someone to help us in the job search back.

What are your thoughts? 👇

🔊 Are you STRUGGLING to secure more interviews?

I do want to help and provide 100 mins FREE Masterclass to teach you 3 critical career skills...

So I wan to EMPOWER you to secure an interview fast and get an instant reply from HR/ Hiring Manager.

I want to let you know how you can stand out in your CV as well as leaving a lasting impression for your Interview.

If you are interested to learn more from me... please do:

1. LIKE this post.

2. Write "Masterclass" in the comment.

3. Follow Keith LAU - Your Recruitment & LinkedIn Adviser.

4. SHARE this post so more people can benefit from it.

Complete the steps and I will send you the link & details.

If you need any personalized career help, do send me a DM!


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