Only Recruiters can Help Thousands of Job Seekers?

Only Recruiters can Help Thousands of Job Seekers?

Everyone can provide guidance to people in need of career transition.

Career Coach not necessary to be licensed or studied a specific degree.

Just make sure to have the knowledge & experience to help!

If you are unhappy in your current role, you should seek expert advice.

Recruitment Adviser can help your career planning, resume building, Interviewing...

They can help people define, redefine & achieve your professional goals.

Also, to negotiate a better salary & help to develop your career path!

If you are struggling what career is right for you or stuck at the moment.

My coming LinkedIn Live will be inviting Brian Golod to share his stories.

Even he doesn't have any geographic or industry-specific knowledge.

He has helped thousands of job seekers & he will tell you how he gets started.

Comment below for any questions you want to ask Brian or me.

We will address your questions at the beginning of the Live.

Date & Time again: March 10th, 2020, 10:00pm (Eastern Time) = Mar 11th, 2020 at 10am (HK / Singapore Time)

"Team up with someone who has your best interest at heart!" - Brian

We want to empower you & help you to get back your feet & thrive.

I'm sure you will love it, so please join us Live to learn more!!

Keith Lau #nextRoles

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