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One of my connections asked me this interesting question

One of my connections asked me this interesting question:

What if you are told you are overqualified for this role. What to do?

But let us clarify the problem.. I guess by looking at your CV, HR or Hiring Manager should know that you are more experienced than the job required.

But why they invited you for an Interview?

They told you are overqualified are excusing only, they may have some reservations below:

- They cannot pay up to your level and afraid if you will not accept the offer

- They are not sure whether you'll like the job and worried you'll be bored

- They concern if you cannot stay and search for another job afterward

- This role may only be individual contributor and operations level

It seems unfair and why should you be penalized for being too good.. So what can you do?

- Sell the employer that your transferable skills and previous project experiences will be able to solve their specific (exact) problems.

- Mentioned you will treasure for this opportunity, flexible on the salary as well as your commitments

- Reinforce you can work well individually or lead a team, and able to take direction and learn from others

If you have other questions, feel free to ask / inbox me. I hope it helps.


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