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Now Companies are using Video Interviews.

Now Companies are using Video Interviews.

Some Quick Tips:

- Prepare EXACTLY like if you will meet with your Interviewer Face to Face

- Understand Video is the Medium & no difference in what you need to behave

- For the Environment Setup & Technical Requirement, e.g. Audio, Video, Lighting.

Also, all your background issues that I have covered in my previous post. (check my activity)

- Adjust your Web Camera in your EYE-LEVEL like when you are sitting with your Interviewer.

- Turn off your Apps/Applications + Phone, focus on the discussion & avoid distraction.

- Sit in a comfortable chair or Stand Up! Keep smiling but don't MOVE around!

- Prepare Pen, Notes & Resume in your Desk, but please don't make sounds with your Pen!

- Keep everything quiet & make sure your PETS don't bark.

- Practice to Talk to the Camera!! Dress properly & don't wear casual/color T-shirts.

- Don't forget to get the email address for follow-up as if you can't have a firm handshake!

I'll have LinkedIn LIVE with Trisha Chapman ✍ today at 10:30pm (UTC +8)

We will be discussing Digital Interview & Impress your Hiring Managers.

Please stay tuned & leave us any questions if you want us to answer.

Let me know if you want more LinkedIn Live & what are the topics you like?


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