Not because you studied at Harvard University I will hire you.

Not because you studied at Harvard University I will hire you.

Not because you got a 3.9 GPA or First Class Honours I will consider you.

Not because you have worked for Investment bank or Big 4, 5, 6, this means good.

Not because you won awards or spoken at TEDx, y, z, I think you are extraordinary.

I'm NOT going to automatically hire you because you came from a trusted referral too.

Normally, HR or Recruiter will consider your background and working experience.

But for me...

I'm only considering your application because you are passionate, unique, and motivated to contribute.

Hiring for Attitude!!

Anyone with me?? Comment below! 👇

Everyone is special and please don't reject anyone if they seem "Normal".

If you need help with your job search and want to secure more Interviews…

I do have an ATS-Free CV Template, FREE Interview Tips & Guidebook, as well as 100 mins FREE Masterclass for you!!

Interested, please do the following:

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After that, I will send you the link and details.

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