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Non-Verbal Language in INTERVIEWS!

Non-Verbal Language in INTERVIEWS!

Especially nowadays we are using Video like Zoom meeting!

Appearance and body language are key factors in interviews.

Body language is more important than words. So try these...

1. Dress appropriately.

2. Smile!

3. Eye contact by looking into the camera, not the screen.

4. Sit up straight; don't slouch.

5. Relax shoulders.

6. Feet on the ground, or cross legs comfortably. Don't wriggle.

7. Lean in slightly toward the camera when listening and nod to emphasize interest.

8. Articulate with hand gestures to avoid fidgeting.

9. Non-defensive postures. Eg. Don't fold arms in front of the chest.

10. Mirror the body language of the interviewer. This creates rapport.

Physical "attitude" is often forgotten by job seekers in interviews.

Prepare everything and treat the Interview like Face to Face, please.

Be the impression you wish to make and let's have a Great Impression!!

* And don't forget to have a neutral, tidy background!

OK? Good Luck!!

If you need more help, send me a Direct Message to discuss.

I have a FREE 100 mins Masterclass to teach you... please do:

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I will then send you the link & more details.

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