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"No one will hire me!"

"No one will hire me!"

"I'm not good, out of the market for such a long time!"

"Economy is really bad now!"

"Will I ever be chosen for a job again!?"

"Should I submit my job application any more?

Today if you are having this kind of thought...

This kind of fear...

I need you to understand that it's very NORMAL!

No ONE is Alone and doesn't be stressed just you are jobless now.

Remember the first time:

You can walk

You can swim, etc...

You did something you've proud of

Everyone knows the first time you will have feelings of anxiety, stress, and fears...

But the amazing part is that it's just a matter of time you will overcome these!!

Same as your job search, just a matter of time you will find a job!

Don't allow these fears to take over the positive side of yo!

What are your thoughts?

If you want any career support from me and ask you anything...

Please like this post and write "Support" in the comment.

So more Jobseekers can see this and be motivated.


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