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No experience? No relevant degree? No Problem!!

No experience? No relevant degree? No Problem!!

Do you want to change jobs without applying for any jobs?

I've accepted 5 job offers through LinkedIn & 5 offers from Recruiters, they all directly approach me.

I would like to share with you how can I do it & some of the tricks for using LinkedIn.

And it is Absolutely FREE of Charge!

I hope to meet with you all & try my best to answer any questions from you!

I wanted to give back to the #LinkedIn community & ensure everyone knows those tricks.

I'll conduct a LIVE Webinar, with Moderator: James Lee

On next Tue, Feb 25th at 8:00 pm HK / Singapore Time (UTC+8).

Topic: What are the creative ways for you to change jobs without applying in 2020!

I’ll also share with you the tricks to bypass ATS + tricks to handle your HR & Recruitment agencies.

So you'll have more Interviews & opportunities. Sounds great?

If you are interested to join our LIVE Webinar, please do all of the following:

1) Send an invite to connect with James and me

2) Write “Tricks” in the comment below so that we know you wish to join.

3) Share this post, tell your friends, so more people can benefit from it.

I'll send you the details to enroll afterward. I hope I can add value to you all!



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