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❌ Never give up too soon!

❌ Never give up too soon!

Since I’ve made up my mind to provide Career Advice to help people in need, I tried my best to share and learn how to make a video, then post it here, this really needs a lot of encouragement.

From the very beginning, my video can only reach around 200 to 500 people, but luckily, my post can reach around 700 to almost 3000 people now.

I am still “no body” in this digital era, and cannot compare to any KOLs in the Internet world.

💖 But I believe what I am doing is right, and I always wanted to provide great content and interesting stuff from the audience's perspectives, helping people to build a positive mindset, and know more about HR/Recruitment, so as to adding value to them!

Now, I am fully booked for these 2 days for my Career Advice session. And at the end of each call, the happiest thing that I would feel grateful is to hear my friends say Thank you to me!

I hope I can reach out to you and help more people. To answer their concerns, their worries on Career, CV, Interview, and Job Search direction.

The purpose of my life is to help more people~ Feel free to connect with me if you need any help!


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