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My student landed an offer within a few days after graduation!

My student landed an offer within a few days after graduation!

So far his salary is the best among the school in spite of a global pandemic.

Here’s how he did it 👇

1- He identifies some job titles & companies that he has confidence in

2- He found out contact that he could leverage on, then emailed each & every connection

3- He arranged phone calls with them & ask about their company info

During the conversation, he focused on understanding their challenges

He took a proactive approach to research the issues & offer help to them

He arranged another meetup & send messages to provide insights for them

After a few chat, he asked if there are any opening as he admires the company

His contacts impressed with what he did & referred him to the role that is hiring

BOOM!! The offer was extended without Online application and going through ATS!

That's you can rely on #LinkedIn to develop a great relationship & add value to others

That’s how you should land a job in today’s market, particularly for COVID-19

If you are interested to learn more & the step by step guide on how to do it

Please do the following:

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I'll then send you a FREE Masterclass & teach you everything, Good?

#jobseekers #careers #socialmedia #hr

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