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My resume got picked up by Top 48 World University.

My resume got picked up by Top 48 World University.

She used my resume template & get a job within 1 week!

I wrote it for my candidate despite industry & country.

Before that, her CV was not impressive; applied for many months but failed.

Se never received a single interview. She comes to me for help.

I had a consultation session with her & identified her issues.

I taught her everything regarding her CV & why it's not good.

The following days she was contacted by:

-A few Multi-national Corporation

-Investment Banks

-Some Listed Companies

Later on, she also got interviewed by a Big Accounting firm!

My ATS-Free Resume Template definitely gets attention.

I'm so happy I can help someone by just changing the resume.

Also the way I articulate someone's experience in the resume.

If you want my resume template for FREE, please:

1- Like this post & write a comment "RESUME" below

2- Follow PeopleCare Asia

3- Share this post for others to benefit

Steps 1 - 3 are not necessary to download it.

However, you will help me to empower more people.

It is great to share knowledge & please help me do that.

As I can't do '1 on 1' or write every single resume so I'm sharing!

Because I believe when everyone does well, we all do great! ❤️

#resumebuilding #resumetips #cvwriting #careers

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