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My post become so damn boring!

My post become so damn boring!

5 days ago, 18 posts talking about the same thing!

91,243+ views; 658 Likes; 335 comments; and 5 Pics

What are we promoting?? 4 Asia Experts, 1 Crisis, 1 Job, 1 Formula!

Date/Time: May 21st, 2020 (Thu) at 9:30m (HK Time; UTC+8)

Topic: Secure Your Dream Job Offer in 21 Days!

Registration Link:

We are offering our advice & invite people to attend our LIVE event!

We are helping you from Career Change, Secure Interview to Job Offer with 1 Winning Formula!

4 of us promoting the same thing and on Tue we will also have LinkedIn Live!

Not sure the final result! But I guess that's what people think: This is just sales!

We are not really helping & abuse the LinkedIn posting?

They think it's very hard to secure a job offer given the current economic situation.

What do you think? Comment below? 👇

They don't believe in it? But this is about what we can do for others!!

We really want to help & that's why we promote it massively...

Perhaps it is boring, but we have to change! We have to learn & adapt to the crisis.

This is what I want to share! Come join us! Sorry for another damn boring post.

Follow Me if you wish to have more boring career advice!


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