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My heart just melted!

My heart just melted!

My friend Brian giving out his USD3K program for free.

I asked him the game plan directly & didn't expect such a reply was so respectful.

He is a good man & in order to support his good deeds to help each other during tough times.

There is no catch, I'll FREE my most viewed & best sales Masterclass. No charge!

"Secrets that HR and Recruiters will Never Tell you." - Now, I'll reveal it to you.

I'd like to help people to discover what you needed to succeed in the job search.

I'm using WebinarJam & will gonna host a LIVE event, please reserve 2 hours for me!

Date & Time: March 26th, 2020 (Thursday) at 10:30pm (HK Time; UTC +8)

Since I started in Dec 2019, there are more than 2000 people sent me a DM!

For those who contacted me before, can you say "Hi" to me again & appreciated to reconnect.

I urge you to kindly help me spread the words, so more people in need can be helped. PLEASE, be a part of this generous act!

All you need to do:

1. Comment "Masterclass" below

2. Share + Like this post (to reach out more people that need help)

3. Send me a Direct Message (it's FREE to do so!)

I'll reply to you for the Link & can't wait to empower you during this crisis!

Keith Lau - Your Recruitment Adviser

#nextRoles #humanresources #careers #management #hr

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