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My friend never late to work but leave 1 hour earlier today.

My friend never late to work but leave 1 hour earlier today.

I knew he'd been working till mid-night most of the time to reply to customer emails.

His manager know but he didn't care and said to my friend:


Show us some commitment and focus on your work.

My friend worked in the IT industry for many years!

He hadn't missed a deadline or client meeting. He settled many difficult cases.

Customers did not complain and he was a hard worker as well.

His role was service delivery manager and not on a production line. So...

Why he left 1 hour earlier but his manager said something to demotivate him??

Do you just need someone to stay past 6 pm and finish work on time?

Employees will only care about your business when you show them you care about them as HUMANS.

We all need support at work. Have you provided that?

Even an employee who consistently delivers the result, but you are concern about the working hours?

Why not just take him out and have a coffee, a bit of empathy goes a long way!

You build loyalty by treating people like people, not a Commodity.

What do you think? 👇

If you are looking to change your careers & need help, send me a DM!

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