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My FREE Masterclass Updates!

My FREE Masterclass Updates!

So far there are 60 people registered.

Thank you for your trust!

Sorry, I've mixed up with the time, please note this LIVE event will be held on:

March 26th, 2020 (Thursday) at 10:30 PM at night (not 10:30am).

Time Zone is: UTC +8; HK / Beijing / Singapore / Perth Time

Please register first, I will try to figure out how to do with the technical error!

Or I'll send you an email with a new link (let me check & provide updates)

If you are committed to learning new things, appreciate if you can make it!

I tried to organize a FREE event before but only 50% show up which hurt me!

That's why I charged for my program & I hope people can take it seriously!

If you cannot make it, I'll NOT share the recording. Instead, I'll SELL the recording.

I will reveal the 3 HR Secrets soon! See you!!

If you are my 2nd or 3rd connections or want to reach me directly.

Please send me a Direct Message (it's FREE for you to do so!)

To help more people registered for my FREE Masterclass, please help to:

Like & Share this post; Follow Me for more career advice!

If you want more people see this post, comment "Masterclass" below.

Can't wait to empower you during this crisis & add value to you!



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