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My FREE Coaching Call tonight at 11pm (HK Time)

My FREE Coaching Call tonight at 11pm (HK Time)

If you follow me, I have a 30 days program FREE for you to get back your work.

As we need to start over again, it's our First Week & Day 4 - Today.

Every Week on Sat, I'll have a Zoom call to answer any questions from you!!

We can see each other, we can talk, you can share your screen, and learn from others.

Every Day, you will also enjoy a short LIVE video from my FB + YouTube.

I will tell you steps by steps & what will I do if I need to find jobs within 30 days.

You just need to Like My Facebook page & Subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

No cost, no risk, no catch, just share 15 mins to watch my Video to help you!!

So, today's Group Coaching Call via ZOOM will be a focus on Career Change.

And I'll also share some creative ways & tricks to Change Jobs without applying.

I'll answer whatever questions from you for FREE. If you want to register, please:

- "Follow Me" for more Career Advice

- Like this post, Click the "SHARE" button, so more people benefit it

- Comment "Zoom" so that I know you want to join tonight's zoom call.

I'll send the link to you afterward.

Remember to LIKE my Facebook Page & subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

(FB & YT links appeared in my profile, please go to check!)

Keith Lau - Your Recruitment Adviser


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