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My First Post in Dec 2019

Happy Friday!

Wow.. this is my first time making a video and to share within LinkedIn. Interesting..

Dearest my LinkedIn family.. Please can you give me some comments?

I am dedicated and wanted to help those people who are affected by the social movement in HK as they might need to find their next roles.

What can I do?

I am thinking to provide Free Career Advice, given I have helped more than 450 people landed their dream job throughout my HR/recruitment work history.

Hey, maybe a quick vote/survey here:

A) Develop Interview Tips or Guidebook for them?

B) One on One Personal Coaching service??

C) Online Specialization Course to teach people how to find a job in a month???

D) ALL of the above --> Click this Link:

Please inbox (or direct message) me in case you need to ask any questions about your career, hiring, interview and job searching, I will make a

video to answer your questions and I'm here to help!!


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